Our 25th = your 50% discount

Today, Case and I celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Case and Blaine... way back when

Twenty-five years of living together, of combining two different rhythms into a new one, where we both fit, of raising kids–and a couple of pets. Twenty-five years of growth, of ups and downs, of laughing and crying together. Twenty-five years of trying to create some sort of liveable order out of our chaotic and perfectionistic personalities. Twenty-five years, and counting, of love, friendship, and understanding that help us overcome obstacles thrown our way–or those we throw each other’s way; we’re not perfect.

And today, we celebrate and share our happiness.

From today (August 24th) until September 1st, both Oren’s Right and The Fifth Son are available for a 50% discount on Amazon, ARe, Kobo, and Smashwords (via coupons).

Buy links can be found below, or on the respective book pages, including the smashwords coupon codes.

The Fifth Son:
Smashwords coupon: SW87T

Oren’s Right:
Smashwords coupon: MR27C
The photo is not our wedding photo, but one we both treasure.

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With good intention I tried to acces my site Sunday to draw the winners for my HAHABT post, only to be thwarted by hosting problems (aka my site was down).

I managed to gain entry Tuesday, and had random.org pull two winners out of the hat:

CONGRATULATIONS to Kassandra and Shirley Ann Speakman

Emails have been sent, and two books have found new homes.

Thank you all for participating in the Hop and spreading awareness.

In other news, if any of you have purchased (or won–or know someone who did) a first edition of either Oren’s Right or The Fifth Son, then please take a look at my FAQ on how to receive a new version without additional cost.

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Welcome to my Hop Against Homophobia blog post.


We’re not there yet.

Yes, the Netherlands seems pretty open minded about LGBT issues, but we’re not there yet. For almost every couple of meetings with someone who doesn’t give a fuck about who does who in the bedroom, I’ll have heard some derisive comment, however ‘innocently’ meant. About “those people”, about assumptions and stereotypes. Most of these come from old beliefs, incomprehension, and a lack of interest in anything ‘other’.

Depending on who I’m talking to at the time, I speak up… or hold my tongue.

Years ago Eldest wanted to wear nail polish. He was in the penultimate year at primary school and had been out for a school checkers tournament on the day we hosted a birthday celebration. After he came home, full of stories about how the competition had gone, one of my sisters-in-law sidled up to me and asked me, “Is he going to be gay now?”

I had no problem explaining to her that nailpolish had nothing to do with being gay. It was a fashion statement–more or less–and that as far as I knew, Eldest still fancied girls. (since he spent most of said primary school fancying the same girl, I was pretty sure of that, actually, but that was none of her business).

Fast forward and picture me at another birthday, earlier this year, where a brother-in-law was proudly playing a game with his grandson on an iPad. It was something about colours, something I wasn’t exactly paying attention to, until my brother-in-law suddenly said, “Pink is a girl’s colour.” And I pressed my lips tightly together and tried very hard not to say anything.

I can rattle off a number of excuses that came to mind then: it wouldn’t have changed his mind, it would have fallen on deaf ears, I didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere… I vaguely remember murmuring, “In Victorian times pink was for boys because it was a strong colour.” to one of my nieces. But she wasn’t the one who needed to know that, and I missed the opportunity.

Needless to say, thinking about the
the incident immeditely jumped to mind. Because things like this catch me unawares. They show me that those old beliefs are still being taught, and that we’re not there yet. I’m not there yet, even though I find myself holding my tongue less and less.

Today, over 100 participants–all part of the LGBTQ fiction community–will be blogging and spreading awareness of homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. Hop on board, show your support, and speak up against these phobias by visiting all our blogs and reading our stories.

We’re not sending you hopping for nothing, though. At every port there are prizes to win. (See below for a list of all participants)

So, what am I giving away, and what do you need to do to win?

Two randomly chosen winners will have a choice of The Fifth Son, Oren’s Right, or any of the anthologies I have a story in.

Entering is simple: leave a comment and a valid email adress is enough, though you’re free to share your own story. I’d love to hear them.

The contest will run until midnight on the 24th, and I’ll announce (and contact via email) the winners on the 25th. :)

Meanwhile… I’ll keep writing stories set in worlds where these issues are issues no longer, and hope the world I live in, will one day reflect the worlds I write.


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Happy Release Day: Oren’s Right (2nd edition)

It’s Oren’s Right Release Day!

Following his principles will break two hearts.

Forester Veld loses a piece of himself to mute baker Oren when they first meet, but Oren is vowed to Haram. When Haram is killed, Veld denies his heart to respect the mourning period. It’s the right thing to do.

During Haram’s funeral, Oren proudly bares the brands that show the nature of their love; Haram owned him, heart and body. The elves pity Oren and think he’s broken.

Veld has no intention of dishonouring Haram’s memory, but his death may not have been an accident. Only a forester can learn what the trees have seen. However, Oren’s independence is threatened, and if Veld does not offer what Oren needs, Oren may never be his to claim.

Oren's Right
Oren’s Right is now available at:
For more info and an excerpt, go to my Oren’s Right page

For those interested in a bit of background on Oren’s Right (and other stories), check out the blogtour for the 1st edition:


This second edition contains an extra bonus scene. If you’ve bought Oren’s Right in the past, email/pm/dm me with proof of purchase (or proof of winning the book in a contest), and I’ll gladly provide you with a new version.
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The Fifth Son 50% Off at Smashwords Ebook Week

It’s Smashwords Read an E-Book Week, and from now until March 7th, The Fifth Son is 50% off with the code RAE50. Come and get it while it’s hot. Read more ›

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What Blaine’s Singing – 2015/wk7

Often the first thing my singing teacher and I do is try to get me OUT of my mind and INto my body. This time, not so much. I’ve been plotting all day, you see, so, the last thing I needed was empty all those little tidbits that were still hanging around out. I wanted to keep them, wanted to keep the images in my head, the feeling of the society I was working on. So… no emptying my mind, and that meant, straight to vocal work this week. After loosening up my body with some simple warm up exercises, that is. Read more ›

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What Blaine’s Singing – 2015/wk5

Been a while since I’ve done one of these updates. But since my singing lessons are often linked to my writing/creativeness and/or take me out of my brain for a bit, I thought I might as well start these up again.

Today my lesson was about raising my energy level and challenging myself. For years, I’ve seemed to have a preference for songs that are either just below my range… or above. So… today I sang two songs that challenged me in both directions. The stupid thing is that I can reach those high notes with barely any trouble while just sounding them out. During a song however, I tend to lock my body from the chest down when it comes to higher notes, meaning I’m not relaxed while singing them, pushing them out instead of letting the notes lead my voice. Which is something we’ll be working on for the next couple of weeks. Read more ›

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Blaine’s adventures in research

So, I’ve done research before, but mostly ‘little’ things. This time I’m doing something more ambitious… err… well, I think it’s ambitious. Opinions may vary. 😉

Anyway, I’m doing research for BLIND TRUST*, because I have three small tribes/races who more or less merged about 600 years ago, and I wanted to know the how/what/why/when/etc of what the population would look like now. Aka, how many of them still resemble the ‘pure’ traits of original three tribes. Not to mention figuring out whether inherent magical powers/abilities would be dominant or subservient when passed down the line, and other such details. Read more ›

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So this happened today…

The Forester II: Lost and Found Epic Finalist 2015 Read more ›

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Happy Release Day: The Fifth Son (2nd ed) + giveaway


It’s The Fifth Son Release Day!!

A prince without power

In a land where magic is commonplace, Prince Llyskel has none. He can’t command spells, he has never been taught to fight, and as the fifth son of the King, he will never rule. Everyone believes he’s a weakling, most of all himself. Read more ›

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11-13 SEPTEMBER 2015


Oren's Right
in the Romance Short Works category

The Forester II: Lost and Found
in the Fantasy Romance category

Aliens, Smith and Jones
Best Gay Sci-Fi / Fantasy



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